Pet Care

Innovation in natural products for pets

Geohellas is always in the front line of technological improvements to guarantee and provide the best care for your pets.

Using excellent quality attapulgite and saponite clays, Geohellas provides premium quality traditional and clumping cat litters, which are absolutely safe and effective for cats.

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Chinchilla Bath Sand

Geohellas has developed a natural mineral sand of volcanic sedimentary origin made from high quality attapulgite clay, specially suitable for chinchillas’ and other rodents’ bath.

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Cat Litter

In the area of cat litter Geohellas offers a range of premium quality saponite clumping litters, as well as a range of attapulgite traditional absorbent lightweight litters and silica gels.

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Bird Litter

Geohellas offers a premium quality attapulgite litter ideal for songbirds and parrots.

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