With a primary focus on high performance, value-added products, Geohellas invests heavily in R&D. Our R&D team consists of 15 staff members employed in various research activities. Geohellas laboratories are fully equipped for materials characterization and new product development. By close collaboration with universities and institutes around the world, we incorporate the best available knowledge in clay processing into our products.


Geohellas’ rich clay deposits have been extensively drilled and characterized according to clay grade using modern surveying and high resolution mapping techniques. These data allow our team of geologists and engineers to mine selectively, and accrue stockpiles within the tight specifications of the application at hand.


Geohellas possesses a wide range of capabilities for producing technical clays for new and special applications in collaboration with other companies and institutions. These capabilities include those offered by our highly flexible plant, but also a large variety of laboratory and pilot scale equipment for applications testing and the production of niche products.

For more information on our research projects and possible collaboration please contact: