Cat Litter

Premium quality for longer duration

In the area of cat litter Geohellas offers a range of premium quality saponite clumping litters, as well as a range of attapulgite traditional absorbent lightweight litters and silica gels.

Our clumping litter which could be either higher value, compact, or coarser, forms a strong clump, while exhibiting very high liquid and odor absorption. Likewise, our traditional lightweight litter is highly absorbent and has natural odour neutralizing properties.

Geohellas guarantees the development of top quality products and provides a variety of clay cat litters, through private labels but also through its own brands: IMPERIAL CARE®, CAT LEADER® and WHO CARES®.


Designed to make your cat feel like royalty!

IMPERIAL CARE cat litter is a premium quality ultra compact clumping cat litter series of products, guaranteed to meet your every possible demand from a cat litter, and your royal cat’s needs! Forms quickly strong clumps and offers superior absorbency, therefore lasts much longer.


The leading choice for happy cats!

CAT LEADER® is a complete range of natural classic,  ultra compact clumping, silica gel and vegetal cat litters of excellent quality. Characterized by superb liquid and odour absorption, CAT LEADER®’s range of cat litters is designed to offer top hygiene and utmost comfort to your cat. Discover our NEWEST additions, BLACK&WHITE and OUTDOOR LIVING, both with our 2XODOUR ATTACK FORMULA!


Best care for your cat!

WHO CARES® is a natural clay cat litter that has both classic lightweight and clumping varieties. An intelligent choice for your cat’s litter box with superior liquid and odour absorption qualities, that is now available in new refreshed packaging.