Gellant, suspension aid and drilling fluid additives

Geohellas is a trusted source for reliable, environmentally safe methods to improve the functionality and durability of construction materials, from joint compounds to paint—thereby ensuring structural soundness, aesthetic integrity, occupant safety and greater cost efficiencies for the client.


The VEYO® range of technical clay additives—made from our reserves of attapulgite and saponite blends—provide our construction clients with continuous improvement and enhanced value across a range of building materials.

The selectively mined and explicitly engineered materials for use in drilling muds, are based on attapulgite and saponite clays and meet the American Petroleum Institute (API) Specifications 13A, providing viscosity and excellent gelling characteristics in most water-based drilling fluids.

Attapulgite is suitable for drilling in salt water (offshore drilling and coring applications). It is mainly used to provide low-shear viscosity for lifting cuttings out of the annulus and for barite suspension. It is used to decrease the slurry weight, and increase the slurry volume. The dissolved salt quantities in the slurry do not have any adverse effects to the product properties.

Additional advantage of VEYO® vs other additives: its superiority in presence of contaminants such as salts, calcium sulfate or magnesium sulfate.