Molecular Sieve Binders

Attapulgite Clay Binders for Molecular Sieves

Specialized chemical industries that manufacture molecular sieves, require specific clay binder performance, product consistency, as well as fast service.

Geohellas has developed custom attapulgite clay binder solutions, MSB and MSD, to satisfy the need for high performance molecular sieves in applications such as insulated glass products/double pane windows, medical oxygen concentrators, refrigerant drying, petroleum refining and gas processing, transportation, personal care and environmental air pollution control, among others.

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Custom Solutions for Molecular Sieves with Enhanced Properties

Geohellas molecular sieve attapulgite binders are a new generation of products specifically developed for the synthetic zeolite chemical manufacturers, in close cooperation with them.

Offering excellent binding properties, resistance to attrition and specific mineral composition resulting from very selective mining from Geohellas’ reserves, the attapulgite binders MSB and MSD provide molecular sieve manufacturers with great advantages.

Zero carbonate and low quartz content ensure optimum performance and healthier environment. Resistance to attrition ensures molecular sieves possessing higher durability and longer working life.