Jet Fuels

Jet fuel and kerosene treatment

Aviation industry needs safe, high quality fuels for refueling
and oil refineries must meet stringent international
specifications of fuels.
Geohellas has developed a complete range of attapulgite adsorbents for jet fuel purification and kerosene treatment.

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Calcined attapulgite for jet fuel treatment

MAK® JF product series is made from top quality attapulgite clay, engineered for treating aviation fuels. A specialty mineral, that adsorbs efficiently organic surfactants, organometallic compounds, such as copper complexes and solid particles, thus prolonging operation of jet engines.

With an active surface of 250 m²/g, due to their mesh type structure, MAK® JF products guarantee longer fixed bed performance versus common clays and higher fuel per clay ratio. MAK® JF are non-swelling, filtering aids, suitable for a wide range of process plants and incoming fuels. Supplied in a variety of granulometry, they have a low dust content that assures greater production cycles.