Environmental Applications

Geohellas natural and enhanced porous clay products

Can be used in a variety of important environmental applications, which take advantage of the products’ ability to adsorb and immobilize heavy metals and other toxic chemicals.

Selectively mined products based on attapulgite and saponite, may be used in a plethora of environmental applications ranging from contaminated land rehabilitation to adsorption of heavy metals from water effluents.

Our MAK® ECO range of products can be used as part of environmental remediation process or in environmental protection; focusing on measures to eliminate the consequences of pollution or methods to inhibit its generation, respectively.

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Water Treatment – Wastewater Purification

Geohellas introduces the MAK® ECO product series for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment.

Attapulgite and Saponite clays blend to create a product series that serves a variety of industrial wastewater applications.

MAK® ECO products contain highly effective minerals, thermally treated, ideal for the purification of wastewater and sludge dewatering. They do not require dilution before use. Our technical clay products are added into a wastewater system as a dry, granular or powder material. They are dispersed into the treatment tank manually with a measuring scoop or continuously with a screw conveyor. After adding the product, adequate mixing and residence time are required to reach the maximum adsorption capacity per weight of clay.

Offered in both powder and granular form, our team of experts can help determine the most effective product variety to meet effluent compliance.

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Land Remediation

Attapulgite can be used as part of sustainable waste management and holistic land reclamation practices.  Main applications include: Usage as binder stabilization and adsorption of toxic metals in contaminated land and capping of contaminated soils.

An innovative “Geosynthetic Reactive Clay (GRC)”; consisting of a thin layer of a permeable Geohellas atttapulgite clay sandwiched between two layers of non-woven geotextiles has been developed and patented recently as the first Reactive geocomposite containing attapulgite, allowing the water pass through it and acting as a geochemical barrier which adsorbs a variety of pollutants.

(European Patent EP 3 321 081 A1, Greek Patent GR1008913)