Bleaching Earths


Geohellas’s bleaching earth products make for effective purification, ensuring increased adsorption of contaminants and reduction of oil loss.

By offering a complete product range that makes nutritional, environmental and economic sense, Geohellas helps producers get the most value out of their refining process.

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 Edible Oils

Geohellas provides natural & activated bleaching earths that help edible oil producers set higher quality standards for their output at peak production efficiency, while addressing environmental concerns and meeting processing regulations.

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 Industrial Oils

Geohellas has developed a vast range of clay adsorbents for used industrial oils treatment. Those can easily be reused in the process with considerable economic return for the industry.

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Jet Fuels

Geohellas has developed a complete range of attapulgite adsorbents for jet fuel purification and kerosene treatment that help aviation industry and oil refineries meet the required international specifications of fuels.

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Geohellas provides effective adsorbents for the treatment of used vegetable oils and fats to purify them efficiently before they can be reused for renewable types of energy, such as biofuels.

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