Industrial Applications

Ready-made and custom solutions for various industries

Exploiting to the fullest our specialty clays’ unique properties, Geohellas offers product solutions for a number of diversified heavy industries, from construction to wastewater treatment and land remediation.

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Reliable methods to improve the functionality and durability of construction materials, thereby ensuring structural soundness, aesthetic integrity, occupant safety and greater cost efficiencies for the client.

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Industrial Absorbents

Geohellas offers fast, environmentally friendly and effective industrial absorbent solutions for scenarios of varied size and scale.

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Molecular Sieve Binders

Specialized chemical industries that manufacture molecular sieves, require specific clay binder performance, product consistency, as well as fast service.

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Environmental Applications

Natural and enhanced porous clay products that can be used in a variety of important environmental applications, adsorbing and immobilizing heavy metals and other toxic chemicals.

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