Geohellas aims to improve feed quality of livestock animals and thus their performance by developing series of products including premix, carriers and pellet binders. Our minerals are a unique base to work on and develop products of added value in the animal feed sector.


Complete range of pellet binders and toxin binders.

SANFED® series includes products suitable for production of complete feed and premix but also innovative mycotoxin binders.

SANFED® animal feed additives help producers improve their pellet characteristics and product flowability throughout their production process. SANFED Powder and SANFED Premix are attapulgite clay products with a fine powder and granular form respectively that are used as mineral feed ingredients for productive animals. Additionally, they can be used to improve feed technological characteristics. Mixed in complete feed as source of Magnesium and for the improvement of animal digestive health.

SANFED® Ultra products on the other hand are based on mechanically and thermally treated Attapulgite and provide enhanced hydrophilic (anti-diarrheal) and oleophilic (toxin binding) action. Thanks to our innovative production process, our SANFED® Ultra products are capable of binding even the most difficult mycotoxins without using any additives and in the lowest possible dosage. For even higher demands we include yeast cell walls, mannan-oligosaccharides, activated carbon and prebiotics.


Natural alternatives for growth promotion.

ULTRAFED series of products is activated attapulgite clay products with a fine powder form that are used as mineral feed ingredient for animals. Mixed in complete feed to protect them from toxins, microbial enterotoxins and to enhance their health and performance. ULTRAFED series of products offer a unique solution for every animal (Broilers, Dairy, Layers, Pigs and Equine).

ULTRAFED® PREMIUM series of natural nutritional formulas are based on Attapulgite with the synergetic action of: oregano essential oils, probiotics (live and dead cell walls), prebiotics (mannan oligosaccharides-MOS), aminoacids, enzymes, vitamins and electrolytes. Our special Anti-Tox formula can give you also the needed boost to surpass mycotoxin and enterotoxin feed contamination.