Animal Bedding Conditioners

Geohellas has developed special attapulgite grades that offer animals a healthier environment through effective reduction of ammonia and volatile compounds’ emissions.


Our AXORB® product series absorbs water, neutralizes ammonia and volatile compounds and protects newborn animals from dermal infections. Through its new antibacterial formula with silver ions, it offers an enhanced protection towards microorganisms, providing advanced hygiene to animals and livestock buildings. Additionally, Geohellas has developed AXORB®-F Willow, a special natural litter conditioner for pigs, poultry and dairy that offers fast drying and disinfecting action of the skin and litter of the animals. Our AXORB®-F Willow product incorporates Geohellas proprietary technology called Odor Attack that contains a new Advanced Science formula for targeted odor elimination. Geohellas’s series of bedding conditioners deliver added value solutions for diverse, specific customer needs to farms and service companies.