Soil Improvers

Natural products that enhance crop production

Offering natural solutions, Geohellas has developed a range of soil improvers, based on attapulgite, to provide enhanced crop performance and increased agricultural production.


AGLEV® SI is a series of 100% natural, environmentally friendly, clay soil improvers from attapulgite, available in granular or powder form. Due to the very high surface area and absorbency of attapulgite in water, AGLEV® SI products decrease watering needs, enhance nutrient absorption, improve soil aeration and fertility, increase the strength and growth of plants and are suitable for all outdoor and indoor plants e.g. fruit trees, vegetables, ornamental and other kind of plants. They are also easily incorporated in the garden or in potted soils as a substrate.

Due to attapulgite’s special characteristics, AGLEV® SI products are an excellent material for use as a soil improver in seedbeds as well as in soil mixtures and peats