Industrial Oils

Efficient recovery of used lubricant oils

Geohellas has developed a complete range of clay adsorbents for the treatment of used industrial oils, prolonging their life-cycle, so that they can be reused in the process with considerable economic return.

MAK RO logo

Specialty adsorbents for clarification

Our MAK® RO product series offers efficient adsorption of contaminants during purification process of used lubricating oils. Made from attapulgite and saponite, MAK® RO products, take advantage of their very high surface area (250 m²/g) and the mesh type structure, which helps trap impurities and achieve optimum quality of the industrial oil. MAK® RO adsorbents help increase the service life of lubricating oils, when used in the metalworking industry and produce a clarified oil, when used as a filtering aid for the processing of transformer and used engine oils.