General description
AGLEV® SI 300 is a powder attapulgite clay used to promote plant growth and enhance the performance of planting soils.

Functional use
Increases the strength and health of plants. The product is sprayed in dilution or mixed uniformly in soil media in dry form. Accelerates growth of flowers, vegetables, trees and ornamentals.

General characteristics
• 100% natural product
• Powder clay
• Increases nutrient retention
• Promotes and stimulates ingredient assimilation and adsorption of traditional and organic fertilizers
• Encourages the development of plants’ foliage
• Absorbs heavy metals
• Increases flowering and fruit retention
• Increases liquid holding capacity of soil to dramatically decrease water use
• Inhibits parasites from plant foliage and tree trunks
• Exhibits antifungal, insect repellent and ovicidal action