General description
AGLEV® SI 200 is a porous granular clay used to enhance the performance of planting soils.

Functional use
Increases the strength and health of plants. The product is mixed uniformly in soil media at dosage rates of 0.15 to 0.30kg/m2 depending on the depth of the mixture (plow or hoe).

General characteristics
• 100% natural product
• Porous granular clay
• Improves water retention in soil
• Reduces irrigation needs
• Reduces the hydrophobicity of dry soils & peat
• Reduces soil shrinkage between watering cycles
• Acts as buffer to control soil moisture during dry and wet periods • Substantial increase in root size and density
• Increases soil pore volume creating an oxygen permeable soil media
• Reduces soil compaction
• Increases nutrient retention of the soil
• Adsorbs and then slowly releases excess nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus
• Adsorbs heavy metals