Construction Materials Additives

Enhancing the properties of building materials

Selectively mined and engineered from our reserves of attapulgite and saponite clays, our VEYO® products provide excellent suspension and thixotropic properties for construction materials such as drywall joint compounds, ceiling and wall textures compounds, plasters and mortars, asphalts and cement slurries, sealants and mastics, paints, coatings and adhesives and others.
Our finely ground VEYO® products can function as a thickener, suspension agent or binder in water-based and solvent mixtures. They can be synergistically and cost-effectively used to reduce or replace a variety of cellulosic, gum and associative thickeners.
VEYO® gelling products provide viscosity control, anti-sag and anti-splatter properties to coating systems, and prevent separation of liquids (syneresis). Producing a smooth finish and reducing drying cracks, they also enable easy flow and application, and promote stability.