Designed to make your cat feel like royalty!

Discover our NEW IMPERIAL CARE ®  White Max Odour Attack, an ultra-compact clumping cat litter from high quality white bentonite using advanced odour-fighting technology with double action.

IMPERIAL CARE® is a premium quality ultra compact clumping cat litter series of products, guaranteed to meet every possible demand of your cat. IMPERIAL CARE® forms quickly strong clumps, making it easier to maintain your cat’s tray fresh and clean and has very high absorption capacity, therefore lasts much longer than regular cat litters. IMPERIAL CARE® natural cat litter is available in 6L and 10L carton boxes for your convenience and in four varieties: White MAX Odour Attack, Odour Attack, Silver Ions and Baby Powder.

IMPERIAL CARE® Odour Attack, is an ultra-compact clumping cat litter with a new advanced science formula for targeted odour elimination.

The technologically advanced Green Garden fragrance in IMPERIAL CARE® consists of odour-fighting molecules that target the very source of fecal and urine components, offering immediate and lasting deodorization.

IMPERIAL CARE® Silver Ions, is an ultra compact clumping cat litter with a revolutionary antimicrobial formula that inhibits bacteria growth in the used litter for superior odour control.

  • The active Silver Ions in IMPERIAL CARE® are attracted to the bacteria that are responsible for the bad odour in the used cat litter.
  • Silver Ions break into the core of the bacteria and prevent their growth providing optimum and safe odour control.
  • IMPERIAL CARE® Silver Ions utilizes the long known bactericidal properties of silver to offer cats and their owners a much more hygienic environment.


IMPERIAL CARE® Baby Powder variety is enriched with special baby powder aroma and will release a unique, sweet scent of freshness every time your cat uses the tray.