Animal Feed Supplements


Growth Promoters

Our ULTRAFED® PREMIUM series of natural nutritional formulas are based on Attapulgite with the synergetic action of: oregano essential oils, probiotics (live and dead cell walls), prebiotics (mannan oligosaccharides-MOS), aminoacids, enzymes, vitamins and electrolytes. The product is enhancing digestive health and promoting growth performance. Our special Anti-Tox formula can give you also the needed boost to surpass mycotoxin and enterotoxin feed contamination.

Toxin Binders

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), mycotoxins are naturally occurring toxins that can be produced by certain molds (fungi) present in feed according to the storage or climatic conditions. Mycotoxins that cause a variety of many adverse effects can pose a serious threat to the health status of the livestock. Also, many published studies conclude that mycotoxins can reduce the nutritional value of the feed resulting in very poor zootechnical performance along with the reduction of the health status. Our SANFED® Ultra series of products that are based on mechanically and thermally treated Attapulgite can provide enhanced hydrophilic (anti-diarrheal) and oleophilic (toxin binding) action. Thanks to our innovative production process, our SANFED® Ultra series of products is capable of binding even the most difficult mycotoxins without using any additives and in the lowest possible dosage.


Pellet binders

Being a feed producer or a premix producer is a very demanding job that requires the insurance of using high quality and technological advanced raw materials and very expensive equipment. This promotes their productivity and ensures the production of high quality final products that meet their customer specifications. Our SANFED® series of products can help producers to improve their pellet characteristics and product flowability throughout their production process. The SANFED® series of products are suitable for production of complete feed and premix.


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*Attapulgite is receiving a special tribomechanical & delamination treatment by a unique process developed by Geohellas (so called dynamization), to enhance anti-diarrheal and toxinogen binding properties.