Quality Management

Geohellas products are incorporated in complex and highly sophisticated processes by our clients; therefore strict conformity with specification is essential.

During all stages of the production process, quality is carefully monitored by Geohellas’s Quality Control Department, through an advanced quality management system that conforms to the ISO 9001:2015 norms as certified by Lloyds Register.

The Quality Control laboratory is staffed by highly trained technicians and is equipped to carry out all routine analyses, as well as complex, application-related analyses.

The Geohellas team is committed to improving the performance, efficiency and output of our customers’ products.


This dedication to quality is complemented by a strict adherence to hygiene, safety and the protection of the environment in all of Geohellas’s processes.



In terms of quality, Geohellas aims to always achieve the result expected by our customers on time, upon first attempt and at the lowest possible cost.

Our philosophy leads us in making constant efforts to:

  • Improve communication & cooperation with customers.
  • Explore new uses of our materials.
  • Create new products and applications.
  • Invest in continuous education and training of our personnel.
  • Maintain a completely safe and healthy working environment.
  • Minimise the impact of the Company’s activities on the Environment.
  • Support and strengthen good relations with the Local Community.
  • Improve communication and develop team spirit among our personnel.
  • Develop partnerships with suppliers and contractors.


Complete customer satisfaction requires never-ending efforts from all of us. As a result, we strongly believe that:

«quality starts from and depends upon each one of us»