Plant and Mines


The Geohellas plant processes the clay minerals that are transported from the company’s mines, producing high quality final products that totally fulfill the client specifications and demands. It is a modern unit with high flexibility and production lines suitable for the production of the whole range of the granular and powder products. At the moment the plant has three separate production lines, employing all available milling technologies, giving us the possibility to produce anything from granules to ultrafine powders at any desired particle size distribution. Besides drying, thermal activation through calcination is another processing option. Production is fully automated and in strict conformity to all the quality and safety regulations. It is vertically integrated and ends up to the production of final products completely adapted to the needs of the clients. A large variety of packaging options from bulk to 5 kg bags or boxes, allows us to serve any size of client, in a suitable to his facilities way.

Our highly qualified and fully trained staff and a strict Quality Control system – certified according to the highest international standards – assures the delivery of high quality products that fit the needs of each specific client.


Our deposits spread across four (4) privately-owned mines (quarries), which are located in the vicinity of the Plant. Geohellas has obtained the full and final mining permits for all its deposits. Geological mapping of these mines is already completed and the proven reserves amount to over 20 million tons of a sedimentary, high quality, attapulgite – saponite deposit. The deposit layers have been analyzed in detail by our two laboratories (at the Plant and in Athens) and at least 15 different types of the minerals have been identified. By matching the special characteristics of each type of the minerals to the needs of different products we are able to satisfy the requirements of each individual application.

Mining (quarrying) takes place at open pits in complete agreement with the technical and environmental demands of the legislation. Mining season is usually between May and October, to take advantage of favorable weather conditions. Most of the mining is carried out by specialized sub-contractors, under the supervision of our Geologists. The mined clay is locally sun dried, reducing therefore the fuel consumption during processing at the Plant and making the procedure more environmentally friendly. As the mining works progress, restoration is carried out, in order to minimize the environmental impact of our activities.