Animal Feed Supplements

Natural alternatives for growth promotion

Through close technical consultation with the feed sector and our customers, Geohellas is able to offer a comprehensive range of special natural nutritional formulas based on Attapulgite*, used for protection of intestinal mucosa of young animals from E.Coli infections, as alternative to antibiotic growth promoters.

Our ULTRAFED® range of products absorbs microbial enterotoxins (Clostridia produced by E.Coli), mycotoxins and decomposition products of proteins such as biogenic amines, cleaning the digestive system of the animal and offering a renewed and healthy microflora, which improves feed efficiency and farm profitability.

ULTRAFED® proven products are essential to maintaining and improving animal health and productivity.


*Attapulgite is receiving a special tribomechanical & delamination treatment by a unique process developed by Geohellas (so called dynamization), to enhance anti-diarrheal and toxinogen binding properties.