Our Products

As the exclusive European source for attapulgite clay and custom attapulgite/saponite blends, Geohellas is strongly advantaged in its development of technical clay solutions for our target industry sectors—and beyond.
For agriculture, we provide carriers to deliver vital crop inputs and soil improvers to enhance crop production; for the animal feed and hygiene sector, feed supplements that enhance nutrition, digestion and health, as well as natural bedding conditioners that offer animals a healthier environment. We provide bleaching earths to aid filtration in the edible oil refining sector; our gelling powders improve the performance of building materials in the construction industry; our industrial absorbents help ensure a cleaner, safer workplace; for molecular sieves manufacturers we provide high performance clay binders; and our premium quality traditional and clumping cat litters offer optimum hygiene in pet care.
With our abundant mineral resources, onsite leading-edge manufacturing facilities and our dedicated team of R&D experts, Geohellas is committed to providing our clients with a continuing stream of innovative products to meet their ever-growing needs.