Environmental Products

Water Treatment – Wastewater Purification

Geohellas offers an extensive range of solutions to those industries whose processes include steps of purification or refining of a liquid phase or where it is required to treat liquid effluents prior to their release to the Environment.

These processes include: retention of heavy metals, prefiltering, filtering, adsorption of dyes, treatment of sewage sludge and neutralization of acid mine drainage and many more.


Land Remediation

Attapulgite can be used as part of sustainable waste management and holistic land reclamation practices.  Main applications include: Usage as binder stabilization and adsorption of toxic metals in contaminated land and capping of contaminated soils.

An innovative “Geosynthetic Reactive Clay (GRC)”; consisting of a thin layer of a permeable Geohellas atttapulgite clay sandwiched between two layers of non-woven geotextiles has been developed and patented recently as the first Reactive geocomposite containing attapulgite, allowing the water pass through it and acting as a geochemical barrier which adsorbs a variety of pollutants.

(European Patent EP 3 321 081 A1, Greek Patent GR1008913)



Fuel Polishing – Tank Cleaning

Attapulgite is the best filtering medium for removing polar compounds or small amounts of suspended water from oil and hydrocarbon fuel in storage

In fuel tank cleaning process, attapulgite is used either to generate thicker sludge for easier disposal of the fuel debris from tank floor or in the tank drying procedure.



Waste Gas Adsorption

Geohellas offers custom solutions to those industries whose processes include steps of purification of gas effluents prior to the release to the Environment.

Applications include: desulfurization of gases, fly ash purification, decomposition of NOx gases, industrial food air filters and many more.


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