Visit of pig farmers from Cyprus (June 13-15, 2016)

Visit of pig farmers from Cyprus to attapulgite industrial facilities of Geohellas (June 13-14, 2016) and to Kehagias pig farm (June 15, 2016)

With great interest Mr. Giorgos Andreou and Stelios Kastrou, pig producers from Cyprus with farm capacity of 3100 and 1600 sows respectively (ranking 1st and 4th in size; representing 18 % of total production in Cyprus), attended the production process at the GEOHELLAS factory in Knidi, Grevena, with which the attapulgite rock changes form and properties from mine to packaging, and is converted to a nutritional feed supplement for the pig that is a “shield for the digestive system” according to Nikos Theophilou (GEOHELLAS Development Director) “helping, on one hand in the intestinal epithelium health & the reduction of diarrheas, on the other hand on its protection from bacteria and toxins, resulting to improvements of productive characteristics and animal health parameters, such as the reduction of mortality, the increase of growth performance; the better feed conversion and finally the total financial benefit for the pig farm”.
Mechanical and thermal activation are the key parameters for building up the desired properties of attapulgite. The first improves the hydrophilicity of attapulgite through extrusion method [the mineral increases its internal microporosity and becomes more absorbent and more active towards diarrheas], while the second [in rotary kiln at temperatures of > 300 °C] makes attapulgite particles oleophilic or compatible with organic compounds such as: toxins and toxinogens from bacteria.
The dynamization (special milling process) of attapulgite with additives such as: probiotics and essential oils, that have synergetic effects with attapulgite on digestive security and boost the animals immune system, leads to the end product ULTRAFED® PIGS PREMIUM ANTITOX, that helps also in cases of pig dysentery, by reducing considerably the intensity and frequency of these diarrheic cases.
The visit of Mr Andreou, Kastrou, Marougas (Geohellas), Theophilou (Geohellas) in the pig facilities of A. & S. Kehagia brothers in Kamari-Viotia, 30 Km away from Athens [one of the most modern units in Greece with a capacity of: 1080 sows, fertility rate: 92%, Νo. born alive piglets: 15.5, No. of weaned piglets: 13.8, slaughter age: 165 days, slaughter weight: 110 Kg, Mortality wean.-slaugther: 1.5%, Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) 7-110Kg: 2.45, annual production: 32,000 pigs], focused not only on premises, management and genetics, but also on the very high health status and on the great performance of pigs. The ULTRAFED® PIGS PREMIUM ANTITOX used in the unit over the last two years at dosages in Kg/MT of feed and per production stage e.g. sows 4, weaning 4, growing 4, fattening 2, according to George Kehagias (Farm Manager), “has helped to great extent in building up a status of intestinal health and growth, as well as safety even in cases of rectal prolapse in fattening that happened in the past before the use of the product”.
Looking back on the problems faced by pig farms in Cyprus “in addition to high temperature and high humidity levels that do not allow for air conditioning of buildings (except the natural οne) and that are undoubtedly reducing pig performance, dysentery, which is a chronic intestinal disease, presents outbreaks infesting most of the farms and reducing performance of fattening pigs. The combination of attapulgite with oregano essential oils (ULTRAFED® PIGS PREMIUM ANTITOX) has almost eliminated the symptoms (diarrhea) in the buildings by keeping animals in very good health status “.

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