Geohellas’ attapulgite and saponite products have wide use in the area of agricultural chemicals, where our granular technical clays are used as carriers to deliver nutrients and a new-generation of environmentally-friendly pesticides, accurately and safely. Geohellas’ AGLEV® FT products have been specially developed for low dust content and high resistance to attrition during handling. Their high liquid holding capacity means that good granule flowability is maintained even at high liquid dosage rates.

Geohellas’ AGLEV® SI products are also used in agricultural applications, but in this case it is the inherent properties of our attapulgite clay that function to benefit the plant. As a soil improver attapulgite’s very high surface area and porosity act to improve the quality of planting soils and peats by increasing water holding capacity, aeration, and drainage. Importantly, attapulgite can act as a reserve for natural and applied nutrients, reducing runoff and nutrient loss in both field and potting applications. At the moment, the Geohellas R&D team runs various research projects in cooperation with universities and end users.